Industrial Waste Disposal and Removal Services

Proudly supporting our customers with safe and sustainable Industrial Waste Disposal Solutions in NSW, Queensland, ACT and Victoria for nearly 60 years.

Industries throughout Australia are actively seeking waste management solutions that are both cost effective, but offer environmentally conscious recycling solutions. With the development of infrastructure constantly growing, it is becoming progressively more difficult to sustainably manage business waste recycling. Hi-Quality plays a pivotal role in the remediation of different types of waste including general waste and hazardous waste.

Our Industrial Waste Disposal Locations

We are one of Australia’s foremost construction products suppliers and recyclers. Hi-Quality’s practices and initiatives are all future focused and sustainability is the essential core value of our business. The Hi-Quality Group has the infrastructure in place to provide efficient industrial waste removal and disposal services. We have strategically placed locations on the East Coast of Australia.


We have established locations to complete industrial waste removal through Sydney and Greater NSW. These locations have been chosen to service the growing demand in Sydney. Ensuring safe industrial waste disposal in Sydney and Greater NSW.

Contact our head office for a free quote for industrial waste removal service.

Address: Cnr Elizabeth Dr & Mamre Road Kemps Creek NSW
Phone: 1800 261 666


Our location in Yatala has been strategically chosen to service sites requiring industrial waste removal  from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. However, this is our prime facility for the safe industrial waste management services for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We accept the following in this facility:

  • Hazardous Waste
  • Liquid Waste
  • Packaged Waste
  • Contaminated Soils (Metals/TPH/PFAS/Asbestos)
  • Contaminated Sludges and Liquids (Metals/TPH/PFAS/Asbestos)

Contact our office for support for safe and efficient industrial waste disposal services

Address: 12 Byte St YATALA QLD
Phone: 07 3059 5009


Our Victorian location services work sites that require industrial waste disposal from Melbourne and regional Victoria. This facility meets some of the highest standards for sustainability in Victoria with careful and considered industrial waste removal for Melbourne. This facility accepts the following:

  • Category C contaminated soil
  • Category C solid waste
  • Category C contaminated sludge/slurries
  • Category C asbestos soils
  • Sludge and slurries asbestos material
  • Acid Sulphate soil
  • Cleanfill
  • Drilling mud
  • Clean Fill with odour
  • Clean Fill with rubble
  • Concrete
  • Asbestos removal

Contact our office for support for safe and efficient industrial waste disposal for your company

Address: 570 Sunbury Road BULLA VIC
Phone: (03) 9307 1000


For industrial waste removal for companies in Canberra and surrounding areas, contact our head office. We can arrange safe and efficient support for your site.

Phone: 1800 261 666

Information gaps surrounding industry waste

We have found that there is a gap in knowledge about what industrial waste is. In particular, there is a lack of knowledge on the methods in which it can be repurposed. 

Industrial waste materials are commonly found throughout manufacturing processes. This may include food and consumer goods manufacturing, the use of industrial strength chemicals, mining and textile mills. While these materials don’t seem harmful to the ecosystem, there is the potential to cause pollution if improperly disposed of.

What kind of Waste Service do we provide?

For almost 60 years, Hi-Quality has continued to innovate and meet the requirements of our loyal customers. We are keen to adopt and promote sustainable ‘best practice’ for environment protection when disposing of industrial waste for companies.

Our Yatala Waste Processing Facility provides essential work nationally in the recycling of industrial wastes generated through the production process. Our facilities use a combination of treatment methods to achieve a favourable eco-friendly outcome. 

These methods may include:

  • Immobilisation
  • Bioremediation
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Adsorption

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