Contaminated Soil Disposal and Removal Australia

Soil contamination is usually an historical legacy that becomes a problem during the construction and development phases of land. Contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons, PFAS, and asbestos can be a threat to public health and the environment. 

For almost 60 years, Hi-Quality has been developing and innovating waste treatment services across Australia. Our sustainable solutions offer integrated waste treatment, recycling and environmental remediation solutions. We offer contaminated soil disposal in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra to safely remove the soil contaminants and pollution from your land.

Purpose Built Contaminated Soil Disposal Centre

We have a state-of-the-art facility located in Yatala, Queensland, that offers safe and sustainable solutions for the treatment of contaminated soils. This site is fully enclosed and operates under ongoing stringent environmental monitoring.

This facility is pivotal in the treatment and recycling of contaminated soils removed from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. As a result, our facility helps maximise diversion from landfill and significantly increases the beneficial reuse of treated material.

Hi-Quality Waste Treatment Services has the capability and the knowledge to offer innovative solutions. We provide a wide range of environmental solutions for contaminated soil disposal in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT.

Why Does Soil Contamination Occur?

Generally we see soil contamination occur due to previously completed industrial works, disposal of hazardous liquid waste and general solid waste. With new laws in place to protect the environment it is essential we remove contaminants effectively for future benefit. 

Contaminants in clean fill may include: heavy metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons, PFAS, asbestos and acid sulphate soils. In serious circumstances where this goes unremedied those contaminants can pollute the soil and damage the water table beneath.

Our Yatala Waste Treatment Facility is a purpose-built treatment facility for the contaminated soil disposal from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra and their regions. Our high-tech plant processes all forms of hazardous waste and contaminated soil, sludges and liquids. 

The facility uses a combination of the following Environment Protection Agency (EPA) approved contamination soil treatment technologies. We do this in order to achieve best environmental outcome for contaminated soil disposal in Victoria, Queensland and NSW:

  • Chemical Fixation (Immobilisation)
  • Bioremediation
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Absorption

Contaminated Soil Treatment and Disposal

Every contaminated soil removal company has a different policy that they follow. At Hi-Quality it is extremely important to us that we stay ahead. 

We consider the most sustainable solutions that have a long term effect and benefit for all. We offer contaminated soil removal for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Completing the treatment and recycling services at our facility or on site when required.

Regulated Waste and Contaminated Soil Transport

Hi-Quality waste treatment services operate a modern specialist fleet of Trucks all approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. We are fully licensed to transport regulated waste and contaminated soils removed from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Our fleet has various configurations to provide flexibility to suit site conditions and provide efficient and effective transport.

On-Site Remediation

Hi-Quality’s site-based remediation and treatment services can conduct mobile treatment of hazardous waste and contaminated soil. Hi-Quality Waste Treatment Services has access to a large fleet of mobile plant and excavation equipment.

Do You Require Contaminated Soil Disposal In Sydney?

Nationwide we are mindful of following state legislation, particularly in NSW. We draw on the waste classification guidelines set out by NSW EPA to correctly transport and dispose of contaminated soil.

Other Types Of Hazardous Waste We Remove:

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