Construction and Demolition Waste Removal Services Australia

Hi-Quality provides an innovative solution to demolition and construction waste removal in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In a year, Australia requires construction waste disposal services for over 20 million tonnes of waste from building sites.
Over the past decade, the amount of construction waste has been heavily dependent on development. As Australia sees substantial growth in the construction industry, the demand for efficient demolition waste disposal is essential.

Why would we need Construction Waste Removal Services?

Construction and demolition building waste is generally a combination of mixed heavy materials. It is not uncommon for construction waste removal to be required through all stages of a build. Whether it be the construction of high rises, or government infrastructure, all require disposal. Yet it can be extremely difficult and expensive to manage the removal of these materials from a construction site.

With all construction, there is an unfortunate amount of wastage that may include:

  • Concrete and bricks
  • Asphalt
  • Metals
  • Timber 
  • Plastics
  • Plasterboard
  • Rock and excavation stone
  • Soil and sand

This type of construction waste removal has companies spending significant funds and time where they try to remove themselves. Hi-Quality aims to remove these types of waste with efficiency and at the same time, provide convenience to developers by saving them the effort of managing this area of the construction process. 

Regardless of the size of construction waste removal in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, Hi-Quality is equipped to assist you. 

Our demolition waste removal services are designed to follow environmentally friendly standards. Your business can continue on time and budget knowing that your work site is doing the right thing without concern. 

If you also require removal of hazardous materials, learn more about our services here.

Transport Solutions for Demolition Waste Removal

Hi-Quality operates a modern transport fleet with over 30 trucks to complete waste disposal in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our fleet is approved and licensed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to transport various waste streams including regulated waste and soils. Our various configurations provide flexibility to suit site conditions and provide efficient and effective transport throughout Australia. 

We have high standards and capabilities with a new fleet of low emission trucks. They are consistently tracked and managed by the latest telematics and transport management software. Our onboard digital scales and waterproof, environmentally protective tarp systems, allow us to be the leading licensed transporter of trackable waste. 

It is our drive and professional management that will ensure you are provided with excellent customer service every time. Our aim is to recycle and reuse wherever possible from your construction waste or demolition. This continues to maintain more sustainable and environmentally friendly building procedures.

Contact the Hi-Quality Team to manage your construction waste disposal in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, efficiently and sustainably.

While it is tempting to take the easy route of construction waste disposal, it is not ideal. A quick fix is to dispose of large quantities of waste and debris straight to landfill. It won’t be long before life cycle assessments and sustainable building practices in the building process becomes the new norm. 

Our methods have always looked forward into the future. We aspire to make being sustainable affordable, efficient not only to your brand but your construction budget.

Hi-Quality aims to reduce waste to landfill by being early adopters of recycling technology

The Hi-Quality Group operates several EPA licensed resource recovery and recycling facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. As well as offering highly technical specialist service operations in Queensland and A.C.T.

Our principal recycling activity is the diversion of construction and demolition waste material from landfill. Then recycling these materials into new specified quality construction products.

Hi-Quality operates several facilities throughout NSW and Victoria that accept and process construction waste disposal services. This may include the disposal of concrete, brick, builder’s rubble and asphalt. It is then organised and processed into aggregates, road bases and other construction materials used for future construction projects.

Recycled construction materials

Recycled construction materials perform as well as brand new materials, thus relieving the reliance on quarried materials. More importantly, they redirect a former waste stream into a highly successful range of quality construction products. Australia’s landfills and waste diversion programs have come a long way in the past thirty years. Construction and development materials were once the largest contributor to landfills, but are now a major raw material source.

Timber waste

Timber waste can also be stockpiled and processed for future energy generation or a variety of landscaping mulch products.

Soils for landscaping

Hi-Quality also processes soils, which are blended with other materials to create a range of high-quality landscaping products.

Hi-Quality has strategically located recycling facilities in NSW, with expanding operations into the ACT. The Sunbury Eco-Hub in Victoria services the greater and metropolitan Melbourne regions and beyond.

Today, everything that can be recycled – is recycled. In the future we hope to see further viable technologies develop and shrink landfill facilities to require far less capacity.

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Hi-Quality is focused on bringing the greatest impact to sustainable waste management. For this reason we are not currently available as household rubbish removalists or to hire out skip bins for residential use.

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