Building & Landscape Supplies

Hi-Quality Group Building & Landscape Supplies prides itself on providing great customer service, competitive prices and an extensive product range of building and landscaping supplies. Our products are designed to meet exacting client requirements and standards.

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Hi-Quality Building & Landscape’s product range includes

  • Sands– an extensive range of washed sands, fill sands and brickies sands;
    • White Brick Sand
    • Yellow Brick Sand
    • Washed Sand
    • Coarse Washed Sand
    • Sydney Sand
    • Recycled Brick / Concrete Sand
    • Corefill
  • Aggregates– an extensive range of natural and recycled aggregates;
    • 10mm Recycled Aggregate
    • 20mm Recycled Aggregate
    • 40-70mm Recycled Aggregate
    • 10mm Blue Metal
    • Corefill
    • 20mm Recycled Roadbase
  • Roadbase– an extensive range of natural and recycled roadbase products;
  • Sandstone– a range of sandstone sub-base materials and aggregates and boulders
    • Decorative pebbles– a range of pebbles in natural colours or quartz;
      • River Pebbles
      • Limestone 20mm Pebbles
      • Sandstone Pebbles
    • Soils– an extensive range of natural and recycled manufactured soils;
      • Turf Underlay
      • Garden Mix
      • Planter Box Mix
    • Organic mixes– an extensive range of organic mulches and soil mixes for applications including gardens, lawns, growth medium, parks and sports grounds;
      • Pinebark 15mm
      • Pinebark 25mm
      • Euchi Mulch
      • Hardwood Chip
      • Redwood Chip
      • Blackwood Chip
      • Leaf Mulch
      • Cement and dry mixes
        • Builders Grey Cement
        • GP Cement
        • Off White Cement
        • Rapid Set Concrete
        • Sand and Cement Mix
        • Concrete Mix
        • Hydrated Lime
        • Builders / Renderers Clay





      The Hi-Quality Building & Landscape also supply building materials, including retaining wall blocks and pavers. 

      All of our bulk products can be ordered in one tonne bags if required. We can deliver loads of between 1 tonne to 32 tonnes direct to your site or home, or pick up is available from our Kemps Creek and Bringelly outlets.

      Payment options include COD and EFTPOS facilities at all sites.  Cheques are also accepted with prior arrangement. If you would like to find out about opening a credit account please contact us and we will assist you.

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