For three generations,
Hi-Quality is an organisation
that has been built on
innovation and meeting
customer’s requirements.
It is a business that has always
been future focused and keen to
adopt and promote sustainable
‘best practice’ initiatives.

How We Do It?


The Hi-Quality Group is one of Australia’s foremost construction products suppliers and  recyclers. The Group’s practices and initiatives are all future focused and sustainability is the
essential core value of our business.





If the materials we process can be recycled we recycle them. If a recycled product meets
the required specification standards we will offer it. If new technology comes on line
that will reduce our dependence on virgin materials, we will adopt it.

The Hi-Quality Group also operates several key landfill assets and with the continual
addition of innovative recycling and waste treatment practices, the amount of waste
material being directed to these facilities reduces every year. Each year, our expanding activities and expertise sees us draw closer to the goal of Zero Waste.

For three generations, Hi-Quality is an organisation that has been built on innovation and meeting customer’s requirements. It is a business that has always been future focused and keen to
adopt and promote sustainable ‘best practice’ initiatives. Total Solution

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