Naturally Sustainable


Recover, Regenerate, Reuse.

For three generations, we’ve been an organisation that has been built on innovation and commercial demands. We’re future focused and keen to adopt and promote sustainable ‘best practice’ initiatives.

Why Hi-Quality?

Efficient Reliable Logistics & Transport

The Hi-Quality Group operates a modern transport fleet, which includes truck and trailers in various  configurations to provide flexibility to suit site conditions and provide efficient and effective transport economics.

Complete Service Recycling - Production

The community expects 100% recycling. Hi-Quality aims to reduce landfill by being early adopters of recycling technology.

Construction Materials

Hi-Quality has for much of its history, been a major supplier of traditional construction materials. The company operates a number of established quarries and has the additional capability today to include a range of high-performance recycled products as alternatives to virgin materials.

Waste Treatment Facility

The Hi-Quality Group’s state-of-the-art treatment facilities offer a safe and sustainable solution for the treatment of contaminated soils, hazardous and regulated wastes, chemicals, waste sludges and waste water in a fully enclosed operation and under ongoing environmental monitoring.

Multiple Locations Across Australia

The Hi-Quality Group is one of Australia’s foremost construction products suppliers and
recyclers. The Group’s practices and initiatives are all future focused and sustainability is the  essential core value of our business.

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The Company employs a team of highly experienced, qualified specialists and engineers with the knowledge to offer innovative solutions for all forms of environmental remediation, waste treatment and transportation.




Total solutions

If the materials we process can be recycled we recycle them. If a recycled product meets
the required specification standards we will offer it. If new technology comes on line that will reduce our dependence on virgin materials, we will adopt it.

The Hi-Quality Group also operates several
key landfill assets and with the continual
addition of innovative recycling and waste
treatment practices, the amount of waste
material being directed to these facilities
reduces every year.
Each year, our expanding activities and
expertise sees us draw closer to the goal of
Zero Waste.





Over the past 55 years Hi-Quality has
grown from a single quarry and bulk haulage
operations contractor, to a ‘full service’
organisation with numerous construction
product supply assets and recycling services
operating in New South Wales, Victoria,
Queensland and the A.C.T.
Today Hi-Quality manages a comprehensive,
interlinked group of material supply assets,
providing a large range of construction
products, recycling and recycled products
supply, landfills, waste treatment, transport
and logistics. It is what we call –
the total solution.

Logistics & Transport

Our extensive fleet of top of the range

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Ethical &


In recent years, sustainability has focused strongly on the environmental remediation field and this specialist area is part of our service provision. Not only can we undertake the identification, removal and reinstatement work required, but we can also successfully process the majority of the contaminated waste material that comes from such sites. A large percentage of the company’s capital investment has been directed to ‘best practice’ initiatives – whether it be a mixed construction waste processing facility or a ‘state-of-the-art’ landfill construction and operation, that will allow for valuable land to be successfully developed in the future for other uses.



Recycled material in 2018. (An increase of 100,000 from 2017)



Waste to landfill in 2018. (Reduced by 100,000 from 2017)



Treated, cleaned and regenerated into new products 2017)


The community expects 100% recycling. Hi-Quality aims to reduce landfill by being early adopters of recycling technology.


Land is a significant component of the earth’s life support system and an increasingly precious resource.