The Bulla operation is a resource recovery and recycling facility licensed to accept:

  • Contaminated waste;
  • Green waste (via Veolia Organics Facility); and
  • Soils
  • NO asbestos accepted


The Hi-Quality Group is committed to sustainable recycling. At the Bulla site resource recovery centre, Hi-Quality Group processes contaminated materials into sustainable and reusable construction and landscaping materials.

Anything that can be effectively recycled and diverted from landfills is processed into a range of quality recycled construction and fill products. Hi-Quality Group’s sustainable recycled products are not only affordable, but proven to offer the same durability and stability as naturally quarried materials.

Hi-Quality Group’s recycling facility allows customers to dispose of waste materials in an affordable and environmentally responsible manner, at an EPA approved waste management facility.



600 Sunbury Road


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